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Business After Brain Injury

Discover Your Online Business Model


Get clarity on the online business model that’s right for you and your healing (without confusing ‘biz lingo’) while avoiding the costly mistake of jumping into the wrong business, and wasting your precious energy and time.

Explore what’s possible as we shift the focus from limitations to what you CAN do!

The 30-Day BABI™ Method To Discover Your Online Business Model

  • Module 1: “SPECIAL SAUCE”. Gather inventory of what you already have. YOU, your gifts, skills… you’re still in there. You still have a lot to offer.
  • Module 2: “BUSINESS, NOT BUFFET”. Discover the 14 top online business models. We’ll approach it like a buffet — discover all the ingredients and textures within each one, and then sift down to find the business model that’s your flavor.
  • Module 3: “CONSIDERATIONS”. Because you want your healing, personality, and preferences to align with a business model that’s best for you — we’ll unpack it from all different angles to help you make an informed decision.
  • Module. 4: “IT’S OK TO DREAM AGAIN!”. Hope. Clarity. Action. Once you’re in Module 4 — with great awareness and understanding under your belt, it’s time to dream even bigger and learn how to put action to the business-model clarity you have.

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Business After Brain Injury's Discover Your Online Business Model is designed to Save you time, money and brain energy.

Fast pass your way through what took me years of research [time and energy] to learn the various business models and understand all the business verbiage. And, for the love of all things, avoid the costly mistake of jumping in the wrong-for-you model [like my thousands of dollars spent!].


Business After Brain Injury

Helping those with healing brains to reinvent themselves with an online business

  • Work from home - an environment you can manage
  • Manage your own schedule - work on days and times that work best for you + naps 😉
  • Use your skills and gifts in new ways
  • Experience time, location, and financial freedom


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