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You're Invited to be an Expert Speaker in this Exclusive Audio Summit!

{Summit Launches May 17, 2022}

Here's what you need to know...

We're excited to invite you as an Expert Speaker for
Business After Brain Injury's Audio Summit

We are reaching those healing from a brain injury who could use encouragement, hope and resources as many are struggling to embrace their new life.

This summit is for people who are feeling angry, frustrated and stuck about not getting 'back' to their pre-injury life, are hungry for new tools and resources to further them on their journey, and would love to feel less alone.

We specifically invited you to speak because of how your experience and understanding of the TBI world wonderfully aligns with the heart of this summit and will help registered attendees to release their pre-injury life and take steps, with hope, to embrace their new life.

summit release date:

May 17, 2022

Promotion Window:

May 10 - 22, 2022

All interviews will be released at 7:00am Eastern on May 17th

This is a pre-recorded Audio Summit

There will be 5 speakers (small-scale = high visibility)

There is no VIP Pass upsell

There is a free Giveaway for one attendee to win a Bonus Bundle (We'd love for you to contribute something to the Giveaway)

What is a Micro Audio Summit™️?
This is a small-scale, interview-style virtual event delivered in audio-only format (like a podcast) so that it's easily bingeable for the registered listeners. There are typically only 4-7 speakers, sharing their specific strategy and tactics on a very niche topic or theme.

It's free for people to register and listen, and no VIP Pass or upsell is sold.

The Micro Audio Summit Framework gives all of the speakers the ability to gain access to the other speaker's audiences, and grow your authority and email list. (More info here.)

What's in it for you...

We want your participation in this summit to be a fun, low-effort experience that helps to grow your audience, authority, and email list.

As such, this summit has been designed with ease and inclusivity in mind.

The opportunity to gain free access to share your expertise in front of other people's audiences is priceless!

You will be able to promote a free lead-magnet and low-ticket offer, and links will be provided to all attendees so that you can grow your email list with warm, engaged leads.

We hope you will also donate one of your low-ticket offer products to the Giveaway.

what we need from you...

Please fill out the Questionnaire Intake Form below ⬇️

Once we receive your Questionnaire:

  • You'll get an email with a Speaker Agreement and Interview Scheduling link.

  • We'll record your Speaker interview on Zoom, however, you don't need any fancy presentation slides. (You don't even need to show up with makeup on or hair done — you may see me in a hat!) Your Interview will be based on the information you provide in your Questionnaire, and with the goal of giving the Summit Attendees actionable steps they can implement immediately.

  • Interviews will be recorded between April 28th - May 5th.

  • You will be able to provide a lead magnet or freebie link that will be accessible on the free attendee page. Additionally, if you contribute to the Giveaway that one attendee will win, you may also promote the offer or product you donated.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to connecting!


Business After Brain Injury

Helping those with healing brains to reinvent themselves with an online business

  • Work from home - an environment you can manage
  • Manage your own schedule - work on days and times that work best for you + naps 😉
  • Use your skills and gifts in new ways
  • Experience time, location, and financial freedom


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